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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Sampson serves all of Connecticut for all your residential and commercial electrical needs.

Trust the Experts at Sampson! No job is too small.

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Residential Electrical Installation

The professionals at Sampson provide electrical installation services for homes from new wiring and cabling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, recessed lighting, switches, and outdoor meter installations.


Wiring- For new construction project, we can provide full subdivision wiring for contractors, including complete electrical installation.

Service Upgrades- If your electrical system needs to go from 100 Amps to 200 Amps, the professionals at Sampson Electric can provide service upgrades.

Commercial Electrical Installation

Serving all of Connecticut for all your residential and commercial electrical needs. Look no further than Sampson Electric. We specialize in electrical work for car dealerships, community centers, shopping centers, restaurants, and schools or colleges.

Whether you are a general contractor building from the ground up, or a business owner upgrading or maintaining your office, contact the team at Sampson. We can take care of all your commercial electrical maintenance, installations, repairs and servicing. Our team of professionals are trained to work thoroughly, fix issues completely, and finish timely. Contact us today to get started on your next project.


Our services include but are not limited to routine service calls, LED retrofitting electrical testing, fire alarm, access control, high voltage wiring, troubleshooting and more.

Sampson Electric's Electrician Installing Bulb
Sampson Electric Offers Electric Maintenance Services

Electrical Maintenance

If you're looking for electric maintenance services, look no further than Sampson. We can prepare you for your home, business, or lighting inspection. If you've just bought a home or commercial building or if you're thinking about a remodeling project, we can take a first look around your living space.

Pre-Inspection - Sampson can provide you with a panel assessment to ensure that your home or business will pass the inspection.

Lighting Inspection- The staff at Sampson can assess the lighting throughout your home or business to make sure it will pass inspection.

Annual Maintenance Plans- Sign up for an annual maintenance plan with us to ensure that the lighting and electricity in your home or business is up-to-date.

Electrical Repairs

Sampson Electric can assist you in any and all electrical repairs in your home or business. We can help with everything from short circuits to broken fixtures. We also do short circuit and broken fixture repairs, water damage restoration, generator repairs, and fire damage repairs.

We can also do Insurance claims and work with insurance companies to assist you with repairs in your home or business for damages caused by natural disasters.The professionals at Sampson Electric will carefully provide an accurate diagnosis and evaluation of your electric issue

Electric Cables
Sampson Electric Offers Generator Repair


Be sure you have power during a snow storm with one of our generators! We have all makes and models and offer generator repair and maintenance. Count on Sampson for all of your generator repair and maintenance needs. Our experienced professionals are all set to get your job done right!

Power During a Snow Storm- We know how difficult it is when you don't have power, especially at night or when there is a snow storm. The dedicated team at Sampson Electric offers timely generator services for both residential and commercial properties.

Generator Maintenance- Besides reliable repairs, we also offer effective maintenance services for your generators. Let us keep your generators in top condition so you don't have to dread power failure even in extreme weather conditions.

Top-Notch Repairs- Sampson offers superior quality repairs on all makes and models of generators.


Get in touch with us today!

Bucket Truck Services

 If you own a commercial or industrial building or a lot or piece of land, chances are you will need significant lighting to be installed and/or repaired. Sampson Electric can help.

Commercial Lighting- We offer comprehensive lighting services for your commercial building. Lighting is necessary to keep your business running and your staff and customers safe.

Lighting Maintenance- We can keep your lighting in top condition with regular maintenance to ensure that your staff and customers will have the work and shopping environment they deserve.


Schedule an Appointment Contact Sampson Electric today to schedule an appointment for us to come out and visit your commercial building.

Bucket Truck Services
Sampson Electric Offers Cable Management Services

Industrial - Cell & Wireless

Sampson Electric has a complete team of technicians that are capable of identifying and installing the newest electronic technology which renders optimal control and monitors industrial equipment securely. From initial installation to any troubleshooting issues, our professionals are skilled enough to get you working safely in the most efficient manner, keeping it operating for many years to come.

We provide some of the following services Cable Management, Cable Tracing, Low Voltage, Electrical Services Upgrades, Battery Swaps, BBU Swaps, DC Power Plants, Private Locating Services, Standby Generator Installations, Wiring/Transfer Switches, Rectifier & Converter Installations & Repairs, Design-Build Shelter Grounding, Troubleshooting & Repair of Tower Lighting Systems, New Generator Installation and Distribution Wiring/Transfer Switch,  DC Power Plant, Rectifier, Converter ‐ Installation, - 48 DC Shelf Additions, Generator Replacement and Retrofit of Shelters to Accommodate New Generators and more.

Landscape & Outdoor Lighting

Are you looking to transform your yard? Or maybe landscaped areas around your business? Do you think your yard is missing something? Sampson Electric can provide you with lighting to accentuate your landscape design.

Residential and Commercial- Both homes and businesses have needs for landscape lighting. Homeowners like to add curb appeal to their home, and business owners want their businesses to be inviting to their customers.

Lighting Services include lighting around Driveways
Walkways, Patios, Decks, Bushes and Garden Area lights, Gazebos and more.

Contact us today for all your Landscape lighting needs.

Sampson Electric Offers Landscape & Outdoor Lighting
Get Pools & Spas Electrical Services at Sampson Electric

Pools & Spas

Are you looking to transform your yard? Or maybe landscaped areas around your business? Do you think your yard is missing something? Sampson Electric can provide you with lighting to accentuate your landscape design.

Electrical Services include lighting, wiring, repairs and maintenance for Swimming Pools, spas, hot tubs, heaters and all electrical components.

Contact us today for all residential pool & spa electrical needs.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Why the need for Electric Vehicle charging at home or in Commercial space?

With the global trend of countries moving towards zero-emission, there is a push toward electric vehicles. As the capabilities of electric cars increase, the demand for home electric car chargers and business electric car charging stations is increasing as well. And by installing EV Charging Stations today, you can stay ahead of this global trend.

How to get started with Electric Vehicle charger installation?
Your needs and requirements will always come first. Just give us a call! Our team of electricians will help you identify the following:
• Type of Electric Vehicle charger to install from the given requirements
• Can the current electrical system support the type of Electric Vehicle charger?
• Upgrade of electrical systems as needed for safe operation
• Location on where to install the Electric Vehicle charger

Electric Car Charging Station

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